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Wind Turbines in the Mountains

About Us


Bardi Fuels is a brokerage and trading house specialized in the green commodities industry. Using extensive expertise of the biofuels and green commodities industry, we create liquidity for our clients and provide market access.


We supply daily market information to our client database allowing a free flow of information.


Bardi Fuels covers the entire biofuels supply chain. We are active from the feedstock to the ticket generated by the blending of biofuels with petroleum products. Derived from waste, biofuels are a government mandated environmentally friendly source of energy. As the race for a cleaner world presses on, the need for initiatives like biofuels keeps rising every year.


We are active on the European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and North American markets


BardiFuels acts as a link between oil traders and african governments importing petroleum products including but not limited to GO, Jet fuel etc.

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