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Brokerage Services 

Providing market access, BardiFuels LLC creates the necessary bridge between all actors in the renewable energy sector. We are present on an international scale and work in markets in Europe, Africa, Asia, North & Latin America.

Our products include but are not limited to:

  1. Biodiesel Feedstock: RSO, UCO, Tallow, Fatty Acids, Glycerin etc. 

  2. Biodiesel: UCOME, T:ME, FAME, PME, HVO etc.

  3. Blending Obligation Certificates: RTFCs, Quoten, HBE , HVO BioNaphta etc.

  4. Petroleum Products; Jet Fuel, AGO, Fuel Oil etc.

In our clients' daily operations, the ability to have visibility on the entire market is paramount. We offer our clients updated and accurate market information to allow them to pick the most efficient transactions.

Our success lies in our clients' success. 

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